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[Twilight Sparkle]
Hello, to all our American fans. On this, the day before the Fourth of July, America's day of independence, we decided to prepare this little ditty about what being an American is all about.

(She puts on an Uncle Sam outfit, and the rest of the Mane Six enter in Uncle Sam outfits.)

It's time again to celebrate
An international holiday
The entire world should scream with joy
from Cleveland to Bombay

Now, globally we were
A little late to the scene
But we had to liberate ourselves
From king and queen

But right away we settled down
And put ourselves to work
It started with the cotton gin
And then we went berserk

[Rainbow Dash]
We're the world's greatest superpower
And we're here to stay
And if you try to steal our title
We'll keep you at bay

[Pinkie Pie]
With bombs bursting in air

And the rockets' red glare

Not the ones that go to the moon
Our shuttles has been stripped bare

[Mane Six]
It's the greatest country of them all
We'll take you other countries on, big or small

[Rainbow Dash]
We've got our fingers in the Middle East

And we're eyeing Nepal

[Mane Six]
We're the greatest country of them all!

Now even though our bubbles burst
And devalued all our green
We've got the richest upper class
The world has ever seen

Our industries are strongest in
Oil and finance
We outsource all the unpleasant work
And sweatshops make our pants

[Twilight Sparkle]
Our education's pricey
But we're smarterer than the rest
We filter out creative types
With the standardized test

[Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy]
law-abiding citizens
And never run amok

[Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie]
The NSA keeps us in check
They watch us like a hawk

We've got lots of pollution

We still practice execution

[Twilight Sparkle]
We don't believe in evolution

[Mane Six]
Celebrate our revolution

It's the greatest country of them all
And foreigners come running when we call
For all those other cultures
Sell the best food at the mall
It's the greatest country of them all!

[Pinkie Pie]
Take a knee

We're proud to be

[Mane Six]
In the greatest country of them all!
A Fourth of July Song
Since the Fourth of July is tomorrow, the Mane Six decided to sing a (satirical) song about what being an American is all about. 

MLPFIM (c) Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
Music and Lyrics (c) Kevin Gisi


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Nicolette Cetrulo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
College Sophomore
WVHS Class of 2014
MSU Class of 2018
Taken 8.21.14
Color Guard
Video Games
Fictional Characters

:heart:Pegasister:heart:Potterhead:heart:Whovian:heart:Sherlockian:heart:Nintendo Junkie:heart:

:heart:Future Broadway/voice actress:heart:


American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Cuban Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Italy Stamp by xxstamps German Flag Stamp by xxstamps


MSU Players (includes main stage shows, cabarets, co-sponsors, one-act festivals, murder mysteries, etc.): 2015 Vagina Monologues (Intro, The Lists), It's All OVERture: A Musical Murder Mystery (Fluttershy Jenny McDaniel), Dead Hamsters Really Aren't Worth All This (Santa Claus)

Wayne Valley High School: Black Box Theatre (Laugh-In Cocktail Party, Southern Belle), Fame (Music Student), The Crucible (Girl), Jekyll & Hyde (Prostitute Red Rat Dancer), And Then There Were None (Soldier Statue), The Wedding Singer (Tiffany, Store Clerk), You Can't Take it With You (Jim the G-Man), Chess (American Reporter, Arbiter's Assistant, Thai Model)

George Washington Middle School: Once on this Island (Grande Homme), Back to the 80s (Featured Dancer), Once Upon a Mattress (Featured Soloist)

Packanack Children's Theatre: (CAST) Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Mrs. Bucket, Oompa Loompa), Beauty & the Beast (Mrs. Potts), Annie (Miss Hannigan), Once Upon a Mattress (Wizard) (CREW) Cinderella (Assistant Director, Head Choreographer)

Here are a few things you need to know about me:
1. I have a bit of a cussing problem, so if you don't allow cussing on your profile, let me know so I'm aware of it next time.
2. I have a slight case of Asperger's Syndrome so I have a hard time starting conversations, and when I keep the conversation going it will sometimes be completely random. But I'm very open to different kinds of people (except for bullies obviously) so don't be afraid to talk to me.
3. This profile will mostly consists of ponies, but I will draw something else every now and then. Just forewarning you right now if you're not a fan.
4. Any mean or dumb comments that have nothing to do with constructive criticism WILL be flagged for spam and the user WILL be blocked.
5. Like every other REAL artist out there, steal my art and DIE!!!! (But then again, who would actually want to steal my art? Life's great questions. Oh yeah, and I'm also a bit of a realist.)
6. You'll be blocked if you try to start shit with me to piss me off.

Current Residence: yo dreamz
Favourite genre(s) of music: Pop, Rock, & Showtunes
Favourite style of art: any
Shell of choice: lolwut
Favourite cartoon characters: A lot :/
Personal Quotes: "Those who say money can't buy happiness have obviously never bought tickets to a Broadway musical."
"You're never fully dressed without a smile, but it wouldn't kill you to put some pants on."


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And remember...
"It's not called being gay. It's called being FAUBLOUS!!!"
Go watch :iconuranium-spin:! He's awesome!

...That is all.
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